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Viagra No RX

Viagra is a drug to help men with "erectile dysfunction" achieve an erection so they can have sex. It is most helpful to men who may have medical conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
Sometimes drugs prescribed by doctors for these and other conditions may also cause the erectile dysfunction and Viagra may help in this situation.

Things you might not know about Viagra

Many people think that Viagra increases blood pressure, but this is not right.

The drug causes a chemical reaction in the brain and it increases blood flow to certain parts of the body.
Viagra will not help a man who has a penis with physical problems, such as problems with blood vessels in the penis.
Viagra was originally a drug prescribed to patients with high blood pressure and doctors reported that many patients said that their sex life was better as well.
So doctors raised the dosage and we now have a drug to help old guys feel young!

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Did, You Know?

"Roughly speaking more than 1 billion Viagra tablets have been produced since initial release." according to Pfizer